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Three Supervisors Who Let our Communities Down

McCowen – YES  Gjerde – YES Brown – YES


Ukiah, CA: September 20, 2016 – With the November election only 50 days away, a 3-0 vote by the Board of Supervisors against Measure AF disenfranchised over 4,000 Mendocino voters today, leaving cannabis regulation in further limbo. Supervisor Woodhouse was not present, and Supervisor Hamburg recused himself from the vote.
Emboldened by a fringe minority, Supervisor John McCowen repeated fictional claims by the NO on AF campaign before moving to deny the citizen-led initiative support.


“Measure AF was presented as a blueprint for moving forward with policy that our Board has not been able to deliver. We have been begging for regulation for years, and now the State has rolled out a comprehensive program. Mendocino is behind. The Board violated the public trust by putting their own policies before one that was drafted by the community, for the community,” said Tim Blake, proponent of the Yes on AF campaign.

Measure AF seeks an immediate end to the black market cannabis trade that contributes to deforestation and environmental destruction, and threatens public safety.

Board Chair Supervisor Gjerde admitted the vulnerability of the Board’s own ordinance before casting his vote, stating that their ordinance (still in development) could be targeted by lawsuits, such as the one filed this past summer against the County’s Urgency Ordinance by members of the Mendocino Blacktail Deer Association who have reincarnated as the No on AF campaign. Lawsuits would result in endless delays and drain the county’s operating budget and put already stressed reserves at further risk.


Delays and regulatory traps have been the norm in Mendocino’s cannabis history. “Just look at the outcome of the Supervisor’s ill-fated Measure B,” says AF proponent Jude Thilman. “Eight years ago, best intentions left the county liable for NOT being in compliance with state law; their actions were ruled unconstitutional. AF not only brings Mendocino County into compliance with current state law, it goes several steps further to ensure that public safety is paramount.”


Today, our Supervisors abandoned their responsibility to county residents by delaying the best and most cost-effective path forward for regulating cannabis to ensure public safety. The Board remains so focused on getting their own policy passed that they are betraying the will of the voters. The people of Mendocino County will have their chance to VOTE YES on AF and support comprehensive regulation on November 8th despite the board’s actions today.

For more information on YES ON AF, Mendocino Heritage Initiative please visit www.YesOnAF.com
To REGISTER TO VOTE please visit http://registertovote.ca.gov



The Insanity of McCowen’s Mendocino Medical Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance Draft

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Section 10A.17.040–General Limitations on Cultivation of Medical Cannabis.
(A) The cultivation of medical cannabis in Mendocino County, in any amount or quantity by any entity, shall not be allowed in the following areas:
(1) Within one thousand (1,000) feet of a youth-oriented facility, a school, a park, or any church or residential treatment facility as defined herein.
(2) Outdoors or using mixed light within one hundred (100) feet of any occupied legal residential structure located on a separate legal parcel.
(3) Outdoors or using mixed lighting a mobile home park as defined in Health and Safety Code Section 18214.1 within one hundred (100) feet of an occupied mobile home that is under separate ownership.
(4) In any location where the cannabis plants are visible from the public right of way or publicly traveled private roads.
(5) Outdoors or using mixed light within fifty (50) feet of a legal parcel under separate ownership.
The distance between the above-listed uses in Subsection (A)(1) and cannabis that is being cultivated shall be measured in a straight line from the nearest point of the fence required in Section 10A.17.040 (H), or if the cannabis is cultivated indoors, from the nearest exterior wall of the building in which the cannabis is cultivated to the nearest boundary line of the property on which the facility, building, or structure, or portion of the facility, building, or structure in which the above-listed use occurs is located. The distance in Subsections (A)(2) and (A)(3) to any residential structure shall be measured from the fence required in Section 10A.17.040 (H) to the nearest exterior wall of the residential structure.
(B) The outdoor, indoor or mixed light cultivation of medical cannabis shall not subject residents of neighboring legal parcels who are of normal sensitivity to objectionable odors.

(C) The use of light assistance for the indoor or mixed light cultivation of medical cannabis shall not exceed a maximum of 35 watts of lighting capacity per one square foot of growing area. The indoor or mixed-light cultivation of medical cannabis shall rely on the electrical grid or some form of alternative energy source for production. The indoor or mixed-light cultivation of medical cannabis shall not rely on a generator as a primary source of power
(D) All lights used for the “mixed light” cultivation of medical cannabis shall be shielded and downcast or otherwise positioned in a manner that will not shine light or allow light glare to exceed the boundaries of the legal parcel upon which they are placed.
(E) All activities associated with the cultivation of medical cannabis shall not exceed the noise level standards as set forth in the County General Plan Policies DE100, 101 and 103.
(F) All cultivation of medical cannabis shall not utilize water that has been or is illegally diverted from any spring, wetland, stream, creek, or river.
(G) The activities associated with the cultivation of medical cannabis shall not create erosion or result in contaminated runoff into any stream, creek, river or body of water.
(H) All medical cannabis grown in Mendocino County (excluding indoor growing) must be within a secure, wildlife exclusionary fence of at least six (6) feet in height that fully encloses the immediate garden area. The fence must include a lockable gate that is locked at all times when a qualified patient or caregiver is not in the immediate area. Said fence shall not violate any other ordinance, code section or provision of law regarding height and location restrictions and shall not be constructed or covered with plastic or cloth except shade cloth may be used on the inside of the fence.
(I) All buildings where medical cannabis is cultivated or stored shall be properly secured to prevent unauthorized entry.
(J) Cultivation of medical cannabis by qualified patients or primary caregivers shall be subject to the restrictions of Mendocino County Code Chapter 20.242.040.



On agenda:

9/20/2016 Final action:
Title: Discussion and Possible Action Regarding Update on the Draft Medical Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance, Draft Medical Cannabis Cultivation Site Zoning Regulation and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Project Description and Initial Study (Continued from September 13, 2016)
Attachments: 1. MEMO to accompany draft cultivation ordinance v2 (1), 2. V.2_BOS Adopted 8-2-16 DRAFT – updated as of 8-17-2016, 3. MCCZ_20160819_3, 4. 7746.12 Mendocino County CannabisOrdinance Project Description Delivere…, 5. A-Basemap with Coastal Zone, 6. Memo to BOS Early Cannabis Consultation, 7. EIR Public Comment, 8. Public Comment 9/14, 9. Public Comment 9/19


Opioid use decreases in US states that legalize medical marijuana – study — Patients for Medical Cannabis

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From RT New research shows a decline in the use of opioid painkillers in US states that allow people to treat pain with medical marijuana, affirming the fears of Big Pharma who have been vigorously seeking to frustrate efforts to legalize the herb. Columbia University researchers examined data from 1999 to 2013 and found an […]

via Opioid use decreases in US states that legalize medical marijuana – study — Patients for Medical Cannabis

‘Indian Givers’ Video: Neil Young Protests Dakota Access Pipeline #NODAPL #StandWithStandingRock

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“Now it’s been about 500 years / We keep taking what we gave away / Just like what we call Indian givers,” rocker sings on protest track


So many Parallels Between the Standing Rock Protests and the  Willits Bypass Protests to Protect the Last Remaining Mendocino County Valley Wetlands;

More and More People Detesting the Destruction of Mother Earth  by the Rich, Greedy $$$$ and Powerful.

“There’s a battle raging on the sacred land / Our brothers and sisters have to take a stand,” Young sings on the track. “Against us now for what we all been doing / On the sacred land there’s a battle brewing.”

The rocker also refers to “Big Money” as “Indian Givers” for their determination to feed an oil pipeline through land given to the Native Americans.

The controversy surrounding the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline has caught the attention of Neil Young. The longtime environmentalist and supporter of Native American rights has released a song and video called “Indian Givers” about the situation.


Young uploaded the video to YouTube yesterday (Sept. 16) and deleted it this morning. However, Stereogum‘s post published its lyrics. Young sides with members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, whose reservation is located on the border between North and South Dakota. They believe that the construction of the pipeline, which is expected to run from North Dakota to Southern Illinois, could negatively impact the Missouri River, which is their water source. They’ve formed an organization called ReZpect our Water and has been fighting the pipeline throughout the summer with protests and legal action.

He also referenced Dale “Happy” American Horse Jr., who was arrested on Aug. 31 after he chained himself to a piece of equipment. “Behind big money, justice always fails,” Young sings. The tagline, “I wish somebody would share the news,” seemingly refers to the belief that the story has been under-reported as the presidential election is dominating the headlines. Young appeared in the since-removed video, which uses footage from the protests, watching the proceedings from his car while wearing a t-shirt that says, “Protect.”

Last week, shortly after a federal judge denied an injunction by Standing Rock, the government announced it was temporarily blocking work on the project. They will now reconsider their decision to see if any federal laws were violated, and will consult with local tribes about reforming existing laws to protect tribal rights.

Young wrote the track in the past two weeks as it mentions Dale “Happy” American Horse Jr., a Native American protestor who was arrested August 31st after chaining himself to pipeline construction equipment for nearly six hours. “Saw Happy locked to the big machine / They had to cut him loose and you know what that means,” Young sings. “That’s when Happy went to jail / Behind big money justice always fails.”

Throughout the summer, the people of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation and the organization ReZpect Our Water have protested the expansion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, leading to multiple arrests. In early September, protesters clashed with the private security firm hired to protect the Dakota Access Pipeline, resulting in numerous injuries. The Obama administration stepped in to suspend the construction of the pipeline as of September 9th.

Sign the Petition: https://www.change.org/p/stop-the-dakota-access-pipeline


We are a group of young people from the Oceti Sakowin area calling on the Army Corps of Engineers to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). We believe that the DAPL has great potential to leak into the Missouri River and cause harm to the great people of this nation whose water and livelihood depends on the river. We’re willing to go to great lengths to make sure that our voices are heard in opposition to the pipeline – we’ll even run hundreds of miles.

Sign to stand with us and demand a stop to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Together with People Over Pipelines, we lead a relay race over 500 miles to deliver the signatures from this petition to the Army Corps of Engineers. Young people from across the Oceti Sakowin lands and non-Native youth ran over 8 days through South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa, from reservation to reservation, through smalls towns and bigger cities along the Missouri River. People in the communities welcomed the runners and took care of us along the way down – many young and old faces.

A lot of lives who will be effected if this pipeline were to be approved. The Dakota Access Pipeline is projected to extend 1,134 miles and connect the Bakken and Three Forks production areas in North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois. It is set to be built in May 2016, with construction beginning in the Bakken, and is supposed to be running later this year. The DAPL is designed to transport 450,000 barrels of crude oil per day along this route, and it will cross the Missouri River less than a mile away from the Standing Rock Reservation. We’re worried that it could leak and pollute our river, poison our people.

By running the relay, not only were we bringing awareness to the people, we were also bringing back unity and hope! At one point, we had 50 young people from Santee, Nebraska who ran and helped us cover 30 miles in a day! The power of prayers carried us at times we couldn’t run anymore, but something made us all get out there and keep running. We all understood that the sacrifice was much bigger than ourselves. We wanted people to hear us so we had to show them and bring the Dakota Access Pipeline issue to light to protect Unci Maka (Mother Earth).

We had 10 runners who completed the entire “Run For Your Life” relay run and about 160 runners ranging from 5 to 66 years old over the whole week. We saw thousands of faces who would be impacted by the construction of this pipeline.

The fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline can only be successful if we have your voice. Please sign your name to tell the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that the Dakota Access Pipeline Project is damaging to all life along the Missouri River. Let them know that we do not need oil to live, but we do need water, and water is a human right and not a privilege.

This petition will be delivered to:

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    Brent Cossette
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    Colonel John Henderson



Do Not Re-Elect REPUBLICAN Bruce Burton to Willits City Council!

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VALUES OVER MONEY …. HUH Mayor Burton? Where did you get your $$$$ Millions ?? Millionaire Redwood Lumber Tycoon decries values of Medical Cannabis while reaping Millions from LOGGING Redwoods in Jackson State Forest East of Willits READ MORE:

Bruce Burton Willits Ca.png

Willits REPUBLICAN Mayor and Redwood Logging Tycoon Bruce Burton Opposes
Community Heritage Initiative AF aka Mendocino Heritage Initiative;
The Controversial Republican Conservative Mayor Bruce Burton of Willits Opposes the Mendocino Heritage Initiative and drafts a letter opposing the Mendocino Heritage Initiative claiming “the Entire Council is Opposed to Mendocino Heritage Initiative AF. :
The full version of Measure AF is available here (60 pages): Mendocino Heritage Initiative 2016 https://mendocinoheritageinitiative.files.wordpress.com/…/a…

Bruce Burton Willits Ca Brew Pub Remco Skunk Train Robert Pinole

Protect Community Safety ❖ Protect Natural Resources ❖ Protect Family Farms ❖ Protect Local Businesses

Why are your neighbors voting yes on Measure AF?

In 2015, the State of California passed historic legislation to regulate commercial cannabis. The cannabis industry is an important part of our economy and has had significant impacts on our watersheds and communities.

Regulation means that we can control the future of the industry, protect small local farms, keep corporate interests out, reduce black market activity, end trespass grows, and safeguard our environment.

Measure AF provides the most direct and cost-effective path to regulating our local medical cannabis industry while making Mendocino County’s rules consistent with state law.

Community stakeholders are committed to working with the Board of Supervisors and County Staff to continually improve our local legislation to ensure that all of our neighbors benefit from a safe, regulated cannabis industry.

We encourage voters to say ‘yes’ to all three countywide cannabis tax measures on the ballot: Measures AF, AI, and AJ. Cannabis regulation and taxation will make Mendocino County safer and benefit our entire community, helping to fund enhanced mental health services, repair of county roads, and expand fire and emergency medical services.

The full version of Measure AF is available here (60 pages): Mendocino Heritage Initiative 2016
Here is a copy of Republican Mayor Bruce Burton’s Fraudulent Letter Opposing Measure AF;
September 14, 2016
No on Measure AF Committee 110 S. Main Street, Suite C Willits, CA 95490
RE: Endorsement of “No on Measure AF”
Mendocino County voters will have the opportunity to vote on Measure AF in November, a Measure that was written by marijuana growers, and intended to regulate the marijuana industry in Mendocino County. As might be expected, this Measure is heavily biased in favor of the marijuana industry, with little or no regard for the needs or best interest of the general public.
Voter initiatives that are placed on election ballots enable citizens to create needed laws by putting the question to a vote by the electorate. If the legislative body won’t do it, for whatever reason, the citizens can. The State of California routinely has voter initiatives on ballots that are written by groups or individuals who have a special interest (bias) in the outcome. Experience has shown that these measures are usually poorly written, and contain many flaws that ultimately lead to court challenges, demonstrating that laws are best written by a legislative body, after extensive vetting by professional staff, followed by debate and deliberation by the legislative members.
In the case of marijuana law in Mendocino County, that process has already been undertaken by the Board of Supervisors, and it should be allowed to be completed, without being cut short by having the voters approve a flawed initiative, such as Measure AF.
The Measure itself contains many clauses that will allow marijuana to be cultivated too close to residential neighborhoods and places where children gather, such as schools and playgrounds. The Measure provides a mechanism for dealing with violations that allow up to five months in which to correct the violation and pursue the appeal process, during which time the marijuana operation is allowed to continue.
To put this into perspective, a violation will likely be noted and written up some time after the growing season begins. By the time the process is completed, it is obvious that the crop will be mature enough to be harvested and sold, making the outcome moot.

There are many more examples of how one-sided Measure AF is, providing no benefit to the public, but many benefits to the marijuana industry.
Because of this, the Willits City Council strongly opposes Measure AF, and urges the Board of Supervisors to continue their job of crafting an effective marijuana ordinance that protects the interests of the public.
Bruce Burton, Mayor

Mayor Burton is proposing to be the SINGLE City in Mendocino County with a “COMPLETE POT BAN” and he is actually saying it isn’t a crusade?? AND the Mayor wants to “streamline” nuisance complaints which will further strip citizens of rights to “show cause”. Mayor Burton Continues: “It is about a community which has experienced a pot culture for 40 years and saying this is inappropriate for neighborhoods. I would hope our goals are loftier than following a tide which is preying on the weaknesses of others for profit and taxes.” Mayor Burton, who owns the BIGGEST, LOUDEST, DUSTIEST (redwood sawdust is a known carcinogen) STINKIEST industrial Redwood Sawmill in Willits City limits, located in a neighborhood next to Blosser Lane Elementary School is actually telling us that a few Medical Cannabis plants are “inappropriate for neighborhoods”?john-sherman-city-of-willits-coide-officer-building-inspector

Is Mayor Burtons sawdust blowing over Blosser Lane School appropriate for students or neighbors who complain of lung, throat, sinus and asthma problems and infections? Mayor Bruce Burton laments on “preying on the weakness of others for profit and taxes”. Yet as one of Mendocino Counties wealthiest men, a modern day “Redwood Tycoon” Mayor Burton has logged old growth redwood, and contracted with timberland holders, Jackson State Forest, as well as other land owners including his own timber stands to log some of Mendocino Counties nicest standing trees, including very large second and old growth Redwood Groves, which he cuts up and ships and even exports to far away places including asia!
Mayor Burton continues his raving rant: “Willits has acquired an identity we did not seek. Little did our county legislators know that by allowing the subdivision of ranch and timberland in the 70’s, the outcome would be a culture which would define us. I believe most people in the city favor a vision of prosperity outside the marijuana market and who strive to teach their children the same. Now is the time to reinforce the message that regardless of the actions of others, we are committed to building community through positive endeavors which do not chase every dollar regardless of its heritage. We need to attract new teachers and doctors to Willits. We need our children to raise their children here, confident that they are in a culture which prioritizes values over money.”
So Mr Burton, Mayor of Willits; Are you disowning the back to the land movement of the 1970’s for some “good old boy” 1950’s style of living, a 1950’s “heritage” of destroying the environment for profits, the almighty dollar bill? Are you looking back in “hindsight” at the Mendocino Culture as it stands today, judging our neighbors and community members wishing they were “something different”? Are you discriminating against a Mendocino Culture that long preached against deforestation, the destruction of the Redwood Ecosystem, a Mendo Culture which brought Solar Technology to the World, taught us sustainable living practices, and taught the world to “live off the grid”? Is Mayor Burton wishing for another time and place when there were no “back to the landers”, no 40 acre subdivisions, no “living off the grid”? Is he denying that Mendocino Marijuana Culture saved Mendocino County from poverty after large Wall Street backed timber corporations exploited the redwood forests and polluted the Salmon Streams which destroyed the Multi-Million dollar Salmon fishing industry? Are we disowning the fact that Marijuana dollars represent 80% of our local economy, our businesses, restaurants, gas stations, stores and college educations for our children in the Willits Community are payed for with marijuana dollars, not to mention mortgages, car payments…. you want to talk shrinking budgets and a broke Willits City Government, want to talk a vacant downtown and defaulted mortgages…. the bypass and legalization are both coming, what are you Mayor Burton actively doing to protect our economy with the looming changes, Banning Marijuana will only add more insecurities for local businesses, less money for local families


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Willits Marijuana 95490


(Source:BBC News)

More News

19 Nov 2007

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United States
USA — A compound found in cannabis may stop breast cancer spreading throughout the body, US scientists believe.

The California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute team are hopeful that cannabidiol or CBD could be a non-toxic alternative to chemotherapy.

Unlike cannabis, CBD does not have any psychoactive properties so its use would not violate laws, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics reports.

The authors stressed that they were not suggesting patients smoke marijuana

They added that it would be highly unlikely that effective concentrations of CBD could be reached by smoking cannabis.

CBD works by blocking the activity of a gene called Id-1 which is believed to be responsible for the aggressive spread of cancer cells away from the original tumour site – a process called metastasis.

Past work has shown CBD can block aggressive human brain cancers.

The latest work found CBD appeared to have a similar effect on breast cancer cells in the lab.

Future Hope

Lead researcher Dr Sean McAllister said: “Right now we have a limited range of options in treating aggressive forms of cancer.

“Those treatments, such as chemotherapy, can be effective but they can also be extremely toxic and difficult for patients.

“This compound offers the hope of a non-toxic therapy that could achieve the same results without any of the painful side effects.”

Dr Joanna Owens of Cancer Research UK said: “This research is at a very early stage.

“The findings will need to be followed up with clinical trials in humans to see if the CBD is safe, and whether the beneficial effects can be replicated.

“Several cancer drugs based on plant chemicals are already used widely, such as vincristine – which is derived from a type of flower called Madagascar Periwinkle and is used to treat breast and lung cancer.  It will be interesting to see whether CBD will join them.”

Maria Leadbeater of Breast Cancer Care said: “Many people experience side-effects while having chemotherapy, such as nausea and an increased risk of infection, which can take both a physical and emotional toll.

“Any drug that has fewer side-effects will, of course, be of great interest.”

But she added: “It is clear that much more research needs to be carried out.”