Paul Stamets: 6 ways mushrooms can save the world

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Paul Staments YoutubeFrom TEDX Mycologist Paul Stamets lists 6 ways the mycelium fungus can help save the universe: cleaning polluted soil, making insecticides, treating smallpox and even flu viruses.

No Till, No Dig Garden construction – Workshop

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No dig garden construction – workshop

NO DIG ABUNDANCE ~ No Till Farming Documentary

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NO DIG ABUNDANCE~ No Till Farming Documentary

no till

Fish Amino Acid FAA recipe Korean Natural Farming Recipe

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Fish Amino Acid FAA recipe Korean Natural Farming Recipe

Natural Farming- Cultivating Indigenous Microorganisms (IMO)

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Natural Farming- Cultivating Indigenous Microorganisms (IMO)

Industrial Elite to build Asphalt Plant on the Banks of the Eel River in a FLOOD ZONE! NOOOO!

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The Industrial Elite want to build an Asphalt Plant on the Banks of the Eel River in a FLOOD ZONE??? Willits News
Click Picture Above to Read Article in Willits News!


Why not build it AWAY from the River? Why Build the asphalt plant in that location? There are MANY, MANY other places it could be built!
Over and Over again we hear in the local Newspapers how “the marijuana growers are polluting the streams and using all the water”… We never hear about the ever expanding reservoirs, the industrial logging operations which are turning the Emerald Triangle into a desert, we never hear about all those industrial wastelands which sit on the banks of the Eel River as relics of a bygone era when all the trees were clear cut from our watersheds and drug through the creeks and floated down the rivers to the mills….. all schemes which enriched the pockets of “out of County Investors and banks” at the expense of the loss of entire Old Growth Redwood Ecosystems, – hardly worth the pennies made when looked back upon in hindsight.  This quarry and asphalt plant is just another example of a bygone era… building an asphalt plant on one of the Last remaining coho streams in the US, the Outlet Creek is the Headwaters of the Eel River it flows from Willits to “Legal Bridge” on Covelo Road, this quarry sits on Covelo Road, not Grist Creek, the name is meant to persuade you to think the quarry isn’t on the Eel River, but the Asphalt Plant sits on the headwaters, that means any contaminates will harm the entire river ecosystem all the way to Humboldt County…  let’s get real, already up to 50% of the summer flows of the Eel River  water  is stolen to grow wine grapes in Sonoma County by means: via the Van Arsdale Dam, Lake Pillsbury. Over half of the Eel River water is STOLEN and diverted to the Russian River for thirsty wine grapes…. Not Food. The hundreds of thousands of Wine-grapes use way more water than all the Marijuana Gardens in the Entire State!
Let’s Stop Being Fooled by these Politicians!
Return the Natural Flows to the Eel River!
Stop ANY and ALL Industrial Land Use Along the Eel River!…/group-sues-to-block-grist-cree…
Group sues to block Grist Creek asphalt plant
A group of residents calling themselves Friends of Outlet Creek have filed suit in the Mendocino County Superior Court against the Board of Supervisors with Grist Mill Aggregates listed as an interested party, to stop a proposed asphalt plant…
Read More HERE!!

DUBSTEP STYLEE ~ Emerald Triangle News Reaching New Heights~ Enjoy!

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