Trim Scene Solutions Inc. -Humboldt Company Offers Cutting Edge Harvest Solutions

Humboldt Company Offering Pro Harvest Solutions

At this years Emerald Cup at AREA 101 North of Laytonville the Emerald Triangle News had the opportunity to check out some of the New Solutions offered to our Emerald Triangle farmers by our friends at Trim Scene Solutions Inc of Redway in Southern Humboldt County. Trim Scene Solutions was created to assist the farming community with their harvesting and processing needs.  Trim Scene Solutions, Inc. carries the finest leaf cutting machines available for both commercial and small scale farming needs.  In addition, they also carry a full line of pollinatorshydraulic pressesnitrogen bagging systems and drying racks.

WATCH THE The Twister CT110 in Action!

Trim Scene Solutions, Distributors of the Twister CT110, are currently looking for retailers who want to carry the Twister CT110. Contact Trim Scene Solutions Inc of Redway.

For years farmers have struggled with the processing of their bountiful harvests,  traditionally employing large numbers of workers with a large risk  to farm security and peace of mind. The early trim machines were wasteful and almost as time consuming as traditional hand processing methods.

Comparatively inexpensive, both time conserving  and product conserving , today’s trim devices have utilized a whole new cutting edge technology.  At the Emerald Cup we were able to see exactly how popular the new trimming devices  really are with our local  farmers  as  hundreds of our  farmers from The Emerald Triangle visited  the Trim Scene Solutions information tent marveling at the modern solutions offered. One device,  better known as the Twister CT110 was by far the most popular with our Local Farmers, in fact every Twister brought to the Emerald Cup was sold by Sunday with additional  units sold, and to be picked up at their Trim Scene Solutions  Redway Store.

See What other Emerald Triangle Farmers are saying about the Twister!

Throughout the Summer and Fall Twister CT110 was sold out and on a multi-unit back order which shows the devices extreme popularity in The Emerald Triangle as more farmers are finding a solution to processing their farm goods, without bringing in large crowds of workers which could jeopardize security. According to Trim Scene Solutions there is currently a large stock of Twisters available but with the current popularity,  farmers are advised to shop early to ensure availability. Due to the incredible increasing demand of the Twister CT110, farmers are recommended to order early to ensure availability, Trim Scene Solutions is currently accepting 25% down payment to ensure availability for the spring harvest season.

Twister CT110

Twister CT110

The Twister CT110 is the latest in the evolution of trimming products!

Years of testing the entire Twister line has proven each machine tough, accurate, and incredibly productive. Engineered to employ only the best in precision quality, the Twister ensures the fastest, most efficient outcome regardless of the product being processed.

Specifically designed to withstand the severe wash down conditions of the food and chemical industry, the Twister was built to make clean-up a breeze.

The Twister’s continuous trimming action turns days into hours and hours into minutes. Greatly increasing productivity without sacrificing quality is as easy as harnessing the Twister Advantage.

Collapsible Drying Rack

Collapsible Drying Rack

After using the Twister,  a Collapsible Drying System is the next device in order. Currently VERY POPULAR, a grower can take their entire harvest, and now dry it in an area that is 72.5 inches in circumference and a total height of 53 inches.

The Rack has four separate compartments each 13.5 inches in height, and can hold a minimum of 2-3 lbs of wet material per level. A 5 gallon bucket fits easily into the zippered opening, making product transfer a breeze.When you are finished drying your crop… the drying rack collapses to 1.5 inches and can be stored anywhere.

Many growers are reporting great results by running their drying racks horizontally, making it easier to dry slowly and evenly, and minimizing damage to product by simply spinning the rack, and not turning it by hand.

Trim Scene Solutions also offer a Nitrogen Bagging System called the Mini Pack Torre. The Mini Pack Torre uses a Food Grade Nitrogen Enriched packing system along with odor-proof  shrink wrap technology to create a odorless, nitrogen preserved storage environment. This technology is the same technology used to naturally preserve many of the dry Health Foods we find in our local stores. The Mini Pack Torre is known for keeping properly dried products dry, preserved and fresh for easily over two years. This device is a must have for any Serious Farmer.


Another device with much expected popularity in The Emerald Triangle is

Bubble Now XL

Bubble Now XL

Popularly known as the Bubble Now XL. The Bubble Now XL Includes the 20 gallon Bubble Now XL machine plus a 220 micron zipper Bubble Now XL bag. This machine has a pump to drain the water into your Bubble Bags. Large capacity, yet lightweight and portable at only 33 pounds. You will need a set of Bubble Bags to use with this machine.

After using your Bubble Now XL, Trim Scene Solutions offers some very very High Quality Presses complete with PIECEMAKER Pattern Discs. The JACK PUCK are revolutionary presses that transform plants extracts into a compact paste and  remove water excess. Their mould is dismountable, allowing it to be warmed up in the oven to improve its effectiveness. Equipped with a 2 ton or a 6 ton load capacity hydraulic jack, the JACK PUCK are light and compact presses easy to carry.

Also available The Piecemaker is the ultimate hand press. A heavy duty piece of equipment, the Piecemaker compresses your pollen into a compact block. Finish your product off with a piecemaker pattern disk to create a product with a seal of your choice.

Last but not least,  Trim Scene Solutions, Inc. offers MOTORIZED DRY TRICHOME SEPARATORS. Save time and money. Tumble your leaves and trim quickly and efficiently. No messy bags, water or ice. No more waste. Simply load your material into the drum and let the motor do the work! The P1500 can process 1500 grams at a time, the P500 can process 500 grams. The entire process takes only 15 minutes! The Pollinator is shipped with a standard 145mc screen. Fine (125mc) and coarse (185mc) screens are also available.

More information About Trim Scene Solutions Inc

For more information about The Twister or any of the other cutting edge products offered by Trim Scene Solutions Inc visit their website , or call 707-923-9319 or 707-223-3873.

Please feel free to stop by their Redway Store at: 1881 Barnett Court Suite 4 Redway Ca.

Trim Scene Solutions is open Tuesday through Friday from 11am – 5pm.

You can also call for a private consultation.

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