Pot Wars: Battlefield California

Pot Wars: Battlefield California

Over the past couple of years, the medical marijuana industry in Los Angeles has exploded. Estimates vary, but there may be as many as 800 dispensaries currently open for business in the city of angels. An ordinance recently passed by the LA city council, however, is about to change all that.

The new ordinance will force hundreds of dispensaries to close and all but a few to relocate. The goal was to bring clarity to the medical marijuana industry, but the only thing that’s clear is that the transition process will be difficult.

Especially now that the DEA has begun raiding dispensaries again, despite the promises made by the Obama administration.

While federal, state and local governments struggle to make sense of medical marijuana laws, an increasing number of Californians support a completely different approach: marijuana legalization. Nothing more than a pipe dream? Maybe. But consider this: 56 percent of Californians currently support pot legalization, the same proportion of Californians who voted for the Compassionate Use Act, which legalized medical marijuana, back in 1996.

Produced by Paul Feine. Shot and edited by Alex Manning. Graphics by Hawk Jensen.

Hosted by Nick Gillespie.

Approximately 9 minutes. Go to http://reason.tv for iPd, HD, and audio versions of all videos.

~ by NorCalNews on February 26, 2010.

5 Responses to “Pot Wars: Battlefield California”

  1. I was introduced to Marijuanna when I was 15. I have tried many drugs, but always came back to Marrijuanna, It was safer, I have been a member of the Marrijuanna since i was 15, I voted in Sydney, Australia, I also ticked the box that said I vote for the Marrijuanna party for the rest of my life, I have never voted for anyone else, since. I believe it ispires my Art, and relieves my pain, its good for my depression and anxiety . I have seen the movie the Hemp Revolution, and I totally agree its better than ciggarettes and alcohol. And if we legalized it, it would stop alot of crimes. I will stand up and say this on the TV, if it helps, I have had many accidents, and marrijuanna was the healer that pulled me threw. I love Marrijuanna, K. Snowdon.x

  2. We can make oil out of it. I bet we could even produce some kind of petrol or energy substance, The government could make alot of money out of it. If people want to sit around all day , smoking dope, and being dreamers, let them, we need more dreamers, they might get a good idea, and get up and do something, I heard that even the Queen tried to erradicate the seed, thats how good Marrijuanna is. K.Snowdon.

  3. […] Pot Wars: Battlefield California […]

  4. I like…….

  5. they need to make it legal in N.C

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