River Workshop Planned

River Workshop Planned

Salmon Fishing on the Eel River

Salmon Fishing on the Eel River

Our Endangered and Threatened Eel River

Information: 459-7054, or visit www.willitswaterwisdom.org

Mar. 20, 2010 LLG 9AM – 4PM

Workshop with Pat Higgins and Chris Malan from the North Coast Stream Flow Coalition. Detailed description. Agenda.

North county residents interested in how to get water back into area streams and rivers are invited to attend a March 20 workshop at Little Lake Grange, 291 School Street.

“The rivers in Northern California used to carry a lot of water and supported fishing, boating and swimming throughout the summer, says David Partch of the Willits/Outlet Creek Watershed Group. “Salmon were plentiful in the Eel River.

Eel River Map

Eel River Map

“Not any more. These days, the Eel is almost uncomfortably warm by Fourth of July and algae in the form of green, slimy growth drives swimmers out of the river by mid-August. Standing on the bridge in Dos Rios looking down at the main stem of the Eel in late fall, an observer can easily give the few salmon trying to swim upriver to spawn individual names.

“Of course,” Partch adds, “we cannot do much about a lack of rainfall. But that is only a small part of the story.

“California Water Codes and Fish and Game Codes designed to protect streamflow are not being enforced,” he charges. “Illegal ponds and water diversions have a huge impact on recreational activities, the fish, and the stream and river ecosystems.”

The workshop, which will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., is sponsored by Willits/Outlet Creek Watershed Group, the Willits Environmental Center, North Coast Stream Flow Coalition, and Little Lake Grange. It will cover topics such as salmon in the Eel River, potential effects of groundwater withdrawal on stream flows, how citizens can get involved in monitoring stream flows and water quality, and how to protest illegal water use.

Donations will be accepted; a buffet lunch will be provided.

Information: 459-7054, or visit www.willitswaterwisdom.org

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