Pot Farm – New Facebook App Headed Mainstream

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Pot Farm – New Facebook App Headed Mainstream

Pot Farm, the  new mainstream social networking game on Facebook is headed for the World as the 400,000,000+ , yes four hundred million Facebook users will be able to  virtually “Grow their Own Pot” now!

Zynga’s Extremely Popular Facebook App “Farmville”,  is one reason why Zynga generated revenues of more than $150 million  in 2009.  FarmVille, created by Zynga, an online gaming company based in San Francisco, has become a web phenomenon, played by more than 56 million people within the first three months of its launch, making it the fastest-growing social game on the internet. What this says for the much requested Pot Farm is, well,  volumes.

Cannabis users have long talked about creating a game where players could grow their own in the fashion of Farmville, many users asked Zynga to include hemp and medical marijuana in their Farmville App, maybe they should have heeded those calls. Not only does Pot Farm allow users to grow their own pot, but Pot Farm also offers the adventures of being caught in your patch by “Ranger Dick”, yup, Ranger Dick is always out to get you in the new online game Pot Farm, there is a number of different levels of game playing which will also unlock “higher” strains of cannabis seeds, rather than the basic “Hemp” seeds  first time users start off with.

Check out the following hilarious post from the Pot Farm Fan Page on Facebook!

“Pot Farm is now out of maintainence mode and the hot tub is bubblin’ away! We’re having a party and everyone’s invited (except Ranger Dick!). Come play Pot Farm now- all your friends are doing it!   Speaking of Ranger Dick, I wonder what he’s up to? You can find out on Twitter- he’s always rambling on about hippies or missing Woodstock (maybe that’s why he’s so bitter!). Follow Ranger Dick now! http://bit.ly/9Ztf5L

Check it out POT FARM on FACEBOOK!! Become our Neighbor!

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~ by NorCalNews on May 7, 2010.

117 Responses to “Pot Farm – New Facebook App Headed Mainstream”

  1. HuH ??? … Wait … What???

  2. ive been trying to play it but it wont let me it keeps saying Use of application “Pot Farm” has been restricted anyone no why

  3. idk ethier i tried and it said that 2

  4. Are you over 21? There is an age limit. If you are of age, I couldn’t tell you.

  5. Those links arent working?? after clicking the link its just headed straight to facebook homepage??

  6. what the hell…seriously..what the hell. where are my neighbors at? They have accepted but they aren’t showing up. Are they up in the big smoke in the sky or what?

    • i had the same problem, but its the way its configured…do u see the hands, click on the left one where the neighbours are in a row…they should show up. and thn obviously to view previous ones, click the right hand. hope this helps

  7. POT FARM! AMAZING and FUN!!!!
    Yay! It’s working for me! Try again everybody!

  8. It wont let minors play.It wont even let up gift to a minor.They wont even appear in your friends list

  9. I’m not a minor. It wont load the play screen. Stuck. Maybe I planted to much

  10. this is stupid it should let every one play its just a game one facebook just like all the other games facebook has grrr so stupid

  11. 21 so gay

  12. Yah, im having the same probloms as everyone else. It just sends me to the homepage. It wont even let me search it anywhere.:/

    I know people who it works for, why isnt it working for the rest of us? I read the comments, &&assuming that 21+ people cant access it, means there must be some sort of a glitch? Maybe it shouldnt be on facebook then. Farmville has its own webpage. Pot farm should too. At least it would be easier to access. I think that having to be 21 to play is pretty lame too, after all, Just as NICK said, its just a game. Everyone should be able to play it. Pot isnt a bad thing. People make it out to be because humans need somthing to fear to make their lives interesting. :/

  13. its a pretty cool game. working fine on my end

    • well i’m well over 21 and mine still wont load any suggestions i’d greatly appreciate started not loading yesterday and still can’t get on it

  14. having a very hard time loading this app. verizon secruity

  15. i can play, cause im 21!! ha ha sorry lil kids u cant play…

  16. The Pot Farm game is growing at an alarming rate and it’s servers may only be able to handle so much traffic at one time. That said, the developers must be scrambling to increase the load capacity. I’m sure they will! hehee! The game has only been out for 8 days after all🙂

  17. every time i try to log into it.. it jus gets stuck loading. other friends play but it wont let me

  18. how do i steal ma neighbours plants?

  19. how do i steal my neighbours plants?

  20. roflmao i was wondering the same thing, how to steal my neighbor’s plants! hahaha

  21. it says, “cannot connect to db”

  22. OK its not just me.

  23. Tha games down, too many ppl , overcrowded server. They are trying to repair it.

  24. u gatta be 21, change ur shit!!

  25. when the hell r u guys gonna let us play the dam game again is it banned from facebook or what dont leave us in the dark

  26. ok you can play but they got hit so hard w/ players their servers melted try back soon!!!!

  27. so how can stel my neighbours plants then my bfs friend stole his plants but wont tell him how to do it help please its doin ma head in lol

  28. does no one reply on this then

  29. still aint working, my neice has beeen able to play, heel im 55 so it isnt an age issue, i suspect server problems ???

  30. Have not been able to load!!! It sucks, becoz i like playing this game. Hope it is fixed soon

  31. this is bullshit i was on it for likea eek got to level 14 and now all it keeps saying is cannot connect to db.

  32. cannot connect to db.?

  33. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=1090116626&ref=profile



  36. It’s all fun and games until I see my 12 yr old nephew is asking for Blue Buddah seeds for his pot farm

  37. Better he’s asking for pot seeds than coke.
    Weed’s not a bad thing.
    Alcohol and tobacco are your enemies.

  38. I have 7 a frames 2 hot tubs and two geo domes not to mention my still and 3 vw busses the only problem witht the game is it doesn’t let you expand fast enough

  39. alav dz game sooo much!..tnx zynga…

  40. I cant get ANY of my gifts at all, and my man gets his! I want this fixed please =)

  41. yeah it may be the mainstream but the makers need to put down the bong and do something to fix the bug and believe me there are alot of them. just to name a few that ppl are experiencing: cant accept gifts, connection timing and when you can finally get on harvest one plant and it times out again, can see neighbors, missing xp points. . . i mean if they want to make more money then they should think of the ppl that are playing the game and purchasing them we are after all the ones that helped them make the $150mil for farmville right. . .

  42. every time i try and play it just goes back to the main screen and i cant play help?

  43. my pot farm is gone cant load it or find it on facebook

  44. Yes it def head for mainstream. Currently there are 792,254 monthly active users. I have long since jumped on the bandwagon, and now have a popular unofficial fan page called “Pot Farm Commune Page.” I have also just launched the potfarmcommune.com site.

  45. just to let you know there need to be a lot of fixes made, the a frame for example is 12000 and only gives 27 protection! also was delighted then disapointed to get to lvl 21 to unlock geadome thingy which is 75000 but only gives 36 protection, both of which takes up 9 spaces! now correct me if this isnt stupid as the tomatoes cost like 56 and give 5 protection and takes up 1 space and if you plant 9 you got 45 protection which is more protection for a lot less money, same as the trees and dogs.

    i was also annoyed to get to level 22 to unlock bubblegum only to find it takes 3 days to grow and in 6 hours less than that you can grow 3 crops of afghani dream and get alot more money and experience.

    i think this game needs thought through a bit more as all the buildings and plants need new values in my opinion, especially the dome at 75k for less protection than 9 tomato plants

  46. also when you try to sell an a frame the guy just walks round in circles around it and never sells it

  47. What is with this game I had 3 gifts and accepted them all whent to play the game and only 2 show up whare did it go? this is not the first time this has happined and this game has a lot of problems that need to be fixed.

  48. plzzz. add me this application..

  49. it wont work

  50. what does the medicinal clinic offer, im not at that level but i have the potbucks

  51. if its any help to anyone, i had to change my age to play it, so maybe the people younger than you changed their birth year, before i did, it sent me back to my home page. and any problems ive been having, like, i’ll go to plant something and nothing i click on works, i just re-fresh and its fine after that.

  52. um yeah pl u have 2 change ur age on facebook in order 2 play potfarm i changed my age 2 say im 21 but im really 14 and pot is awesome .hope this helps

  53. How do u use the contraptions?

  54. why wont it let me harvest any plants on pot farm when it says they are ready

  55. am under 21 and I have it on my facebook I been playing it for a long time.

  56. I been playing for at least a month and yesterday it stop working after you guy’s saied you fixed it and now it stuck on the white screen before yiu get to the loading screen.

  57. i like food

  58. You may use these HTML tags and attributes:


  59. hey i want to play the game to

  60. plz give me a lot of money and sent me a pot farm game

  61. um it wont work an its really pissin me off been tryan for a week GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  62. this game rocks ,,,level 73 and still climbing,,
    one prob though if anyone can help me ,,
    used too show all my friends,i could visit,now only showing 8 or 9
    and there all over 21,,, is there a way i can get them all back on ???? please please help … if anyone wants too add me im steve neale ,,,holding a union jack in a pair of thongs pmsl

  63. looking for pot farms neighbours,i only have 1 so far,anyone interested hit me up.

  64. i doubt there is an age limit many of my friends play that are younger than me and im 19. and it sends me straight to my homepage when i click on it

  65. I have 7 a frames 2 hot tubs and two geo domes not to mention my still and 3 vw busses the only problem witht the game is it doesn’t let you expand fast enough .http://m-yegy.blogspot.com

  66. thanks for making such nice post see you again .well done my blog

  67. ive been trying to play it but it wont let me it keeps saying Use of application “Pot Farm” has been restricted anyone no why

  68. i need help it want let me publish

  69. pot farm are alsom

  70. what happened to my pot farm? Its not with my games anymore and i can’t find it on FB. Help!!!!!!!


  72. LAWSUIT*

  73. thats bullshlt…potfarm was the only reason i logged into facebook:/

    • I’m a 57 yr. old grandmother, who does’nt and has’nt used or had a toke since younger days. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know one of the most challenging and fun games since Risk. It keeps you mentally alert, calculating and figuring out how to get to the next level, or what your going to do to get thru the next quest. My 3 yr. old grandson, likes to sit on my lap and watch me make potcorn,,as it looks like a real popcorn machine. The game to me is the most realistic farm game on the block! We have pigs, sheep, rabbits, beavers, bears, etc., etc. We don’t just grow hemp, which by the way IS used in shoes clothes, medicine, food and other by-products legally in this country, and has been for years, we grow blue-berries, corn, grapes.sugar-cane,tomatoes, blackberries, , etc, etc. We have cabins, homes, mansions, sheds, barns, campers, atvs, mc’s, cars, vans , etc., just like the real world. We have to save our pennies just like real life, too. The only difference I see, is that over 650,000 of us players all over THE WORLD seem to know it is a ‘game’ ! It,s for fun only! We know it , so, why can’t the government, or Facebook? Afterall, it was a legal crop in early 20th century, wasn’t it??? By the way, we also make brownies, and their quite delicious in our heads! This game is the only reason I ever got into facebook for. ut, if you keep it off facebook, or off the internet, I can almost promise you, there will be a wholo lot of players, not looking at your ads, businesses and promotions for hours and hours in our spare time ! Please bring potfarm back !!!! I know I’m long winded, but, thank you for reading this.

  74. i hope they get there shlt together…too many people have put $ into it to get it banned like this >(

  75. They got rid of Pot Farm!!! D:

  76. somebody e-mail me when potfarm is back and running please🙂

  77. potfarm is all in fun and games…y get ridd of a game so many people enjoy???:/

  78. if the people that dont like it dont like it…then they shouldnt fukin play it lol

  79. wats thr prob its just a game we can have three dee shooters were you see heads burst but but a game that plants of weed and spend pot bucks is too desincitiseing wow face bok i know it was beta but dang hommie

  80. Fuck you facebook fuck you hard i want pot farm back

  81. pot farm being lost is a great speach for freedom in this country…huh?

  82. cannot accept any gift from my neighbors grrrr

  83. how do u play this game

  84. like how can i get it on face book

  85. Pot Farm Neighbors


  86. uhhh this is to an early post but obviously u dont really have to be 21 haha it didnt ask my age theres no legal age to smoke pot therefore i dont think theres an acuall age limit for pot farm and if there is then obviously dont listen….ur gay….if u acually listen to age rating…like super gay….like ….yaa….

  87. yeah theres just a shitload of stoners playing the game lmao

  88. CRACK

  89. add me

  90. How to add Pot Farm on facebook and share my friendz?

  91. Can you please fix pot farm, I can’t see all the buttons at the bottom because the facebook window seems to be cut in half. I can’t reach the full screen or the zoom buttons.

  92. How the fuck do i add this app on my facebook.

  93. nonoonooononononononononnonononnonononnnoonnonoonnoon

  94. I just got a new sony tablet & when I try to o to my potfarm it wont download

  95. My game isn’t working… It is froze.. Hope that the seeds and everything I have been gifted is there if this ever gets fixed… I have dumped, re-booted, etc.. Nothing works…

  96. How come it isn’t letting me plant anything today???? ugh!

  97. i am trying to play my pot farm on my tablet but it wont load my plants i can send gifts and recieve gifts and go to the fans page and it will load my buildings but it wont load my plants what is going on or what do i need to do i need to harvest my plants i need answers please help me it keeps flickering on and off like it is having trouble loading my plants im getting behind and i having been playing this foe a cple of years now and on level 96 so heeeelp

  98. need to make a mobil app plz

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