Facts Of Evolution: Cassiopeia Project


Facts of EvolutionIf you want to know what the scientists know about evolution, then here it is.

An enormous breadth of information, assimilated, compressed, and congealed into an easily understood, visually irresistible presentation.

Facts Of Evolution (made by the Cassiopeia Project) has layer upon layer of evidence that makes common descent and macro-evolution inescapable.

Universal common descent is the concept that every living thing on earth is related to every other living thing on earth… genealogically, genetically related. All modern organisms are descended from one original species.

And while in its simplest form, there is a genetic, linear progression that branches and forms a tree-like pattern, Common Descent is NOT restricted to this linear pattern.

That is different species might recombine and generate hybrids; or genetic material may cross from symbiont to host; or perhaps by man’s own hand, genetic material may be implanted wholesale in another species.

None of this changes the fact that every living thing on earth is related to every other living thing on earth.

Along the way, many will applaud and many will object. But both reactions are inappropriate. Science as a discipline does not cheer for a given outcome of its experiments and investigations.


~ by NorCalNews on December 30, 2011.

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