Maui Police Corruption and Police State Militarization

Chief of corrupt Maui Police Department

Maui Hawaii Corruption and Police State Militarization
“Maui Police Corruption as Bad as Mexico”….

One more look at the Maui County Police attack on Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.

Maui Police Department Corruption

Maui Police Department Corruption

Arrested for disorderly conduct. Look at the militarized police here in Maui pulling people over for traffic infractions. Scary stuff peeps. You think it’s going to get any better? This guy was pulled over for his tires being too big. He was arrested for something after a search of his truck. This is freedom my friends. Get used to it until you make a stand against it.

More stories of rampant Maui Police Corruption and Coverup….

Why Maui Police Refuse To Name Bad Cops

Chris Skiles
Maui Time Weekly | June 23, 2011
Across the country, the identities of police officers suspended for misconduct are publicly available. Not so on Maui. Here’s why.
More Examples of Corruption involving Maui Police:
  1. Maui Officer Arrested in Alleged Sex Assault Case | Maui Now…/maui-officer-arrested-in-alleged-sex-assault-case/

    May 23, 2012 – An 18-year-veteran with the Maui Police Department was arrested for third just because hes MPD doesnt mean their all corrupt, if he were

  2. Experiencing Organized Crime & Domestic Terror on Maui in Hawaii

    They have trespassed and intruded on to peoples properties all over Maui with Mike Kohohanohano and his dirty strain of corrupt MPD’s ( Maui police dept) to

  3. Police Corruption in Paradise
    6 posts – 1 author – Oct 28, 2011

    In light of all the police brutality threads on ows. I thought I should share this story of police corruption and racism with LOP. I was living on maui

  4. More Maui Police Corruption

    print email Source: Editorial: Maui Police Department Targets MauiTime Commenters · More Maui Police Corruption May 27, 2011 | 10:36 AM Yesuah Boerstler

    1. Former Maui Police Officer Charged with Sex Assault…/former-mauipolice-officer-charged-wit…

      May 1, 2011 – The Maui Police Department took the right action – firing this officer – but why did it take Labels: Lewis Gamble, police corruption, police rape

    2. Maui Police and Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Security Team Assault…/mauipolice-and-dog-the-bounty-hunters-secu…

      Apr 16, 2011 – my First Amendment rights violated, by a member of the Maui Police Because of their corruption I am of the opinion, its your problem, not

    3. The 6 Most Corrupt Cities in America – NakedLaw by

      Mar 15, 2011 – Corruption is a fact of life and likely as old as the first civilization. There is something …. What about Maui police they are Bigtime corrupt! Arod

    4. Yesuah Boerstler, Maui Police and Corruption – (re: police officer

      Yesuah Boerstler, Maui Police and Corruption – (re: police officer Jeff Tanouye) The People’s Voice.

~ by Ganja Farmer's Emerald Triangle News on September 16, 2012.

6 Responses to “Maui Police Corruption and Police State Militarization”

  1. Allegations of police corruption or use of excessive force hurts everyone – especially the police — in terms of lost cooperation, support and trust – which, in turn, diminishes their effectiveness. For more see, “Arrested Development: A Veteran Police Chief Sounds Off About Protest, Racism, Corruption and the Seven Steps Necessary to Improve Our Nation’s Police” ( And visit my blog at

  2. Oct 17

    Aloha , Not proud of WEST Maui Police at all. I was fired from Java Jazz Soup Nutz for pouring over the line on a shot glass by the psycho owner Farzad Azad. He told me ” your f–k–n my baby in the ass , your fired ” ! 5 second’s later he said ” I’m going to f— your mom in the a– , f— you and shoot you in the face !” He again said ” Watch Im going to fuck you good “. I asked for my tips and called 911. Lahaina police arrived by the time I reached my car about 3 to 4 min. Officer GRUNDY said “Farzad accused you of a bomb threat” . I basically said “Farzad is psycho he is the threatening one. Officer GRUNDY said he wasn’t going to waste his time investigating the matter.. Grundy is no a cop he does not protect and serve the community . Farzad Azad the Psycho owner is legally allowed to terrorize innocent people and threaten their life because West Maui Police allows him to. The main Police station in Kahului say that they don’t play the games that West Maui Police do. Officer Thompson even said ” now Mike you mean to tell me you didn’t know something like this was going to happen .”.This tells me it must be well known about the mouth on Farzad . Grundy needs to lose his badge because he doesn’t want to do any homework and Freak Farzad needs to be institutionalized or in prison for accusing the innocent of being a terrorist .. You can ask any of his x employees , the boys that work for him at this time are wrapped around his finger and will lie for him till they get fired. My True Story was sent to the Labor board , Civil Rights Committee , the Mayors office and even the White House and many other places. I’m currently seeking a Lawyer to sui the state of Hawaii …

  3. fuck maui police
    bunch of godamedpricks

  4. Lahaina police are so corrupt !!

    Playing both sides of the net for way too long…

    Take video of them where ever, and post on Utube.

  5. Me and my husband is a victim of police brutaluty. Please check out my website and comment on ut. Thank you. My site is please pass it on

  6. I called the Maui cops as a businessperson who had an item stolen. After the cop heard my side he approached the thief, gave him a Hawaiian head bump, and I knew it was all over for me getting my merchandise back. The cop ended up screaming at me at the top of his voice. I am white and from the east coast of the mainland originally, I finally see how the African Americans feel being profiled against just because of the color of their skin. I did not get back my item, and was threatened with arrest if I did not leave. I offered the racist cop a handshake and was told “I don’t shake hands with illegal citizens” I seen some Nazi cops in NY, but this guy was a total nut!

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